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Miami’s Real Estate Market Booming Post-Election November 21st, 2012

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Negative 'Vote 2012' Over--Local Housing Market Remains Positive Because there's a chance you are as fed up as I am from all of the unpleasant campaign ads and debates of the 2012 elections, I am glad to report that now is a good time to shift your focus away from the negativity and direct attention to something more positive, honest and certain: Miami's real estate market, for instance, which has been on fire and it's not burning to the ground anytime...

Believe the Housing Market is Going Up? You Bet, and You Better Act Now! June 25th, 2012

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As Housing Inventory Dwindles . . . I have always enjoyed selling real estate in Miami because there is always so much changing around me from week to week, no matter what the market is revealing according to all of the comments and media around.  What is going on right now is certainly interesting, and if you are a buyer, you likely feel the housing market is “playing rocket,” especially in the same upward direction, as you quickly realize it slipping...