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Miami’s Real Estate Market Booming Post-Election November 21st, 2012

Negative ‘Vote 2012’ Over–Local Housing Market Remains Positive

Because there’s a chance you are as fed up as I am from all of the unpleasant campaign ads and debates of the 2012 elections, I am glad to report that now is a good time to shift your focus away from the negativity and direct attention to something more positive, honest and certain: Miami’s real estate market, for instance, which has been on fire and it’s not burning to the ground anytime soon.  Unless you’ve been living on a deserted island out in Biscayne Bay for the past 24 months, you should have a good idea that it is a great time to buy and sell real estate in south Florida–especially right here in Miami.

Prices are going up faster than almost any other market in the country–resulting in low inventories of single family homes and condos attributed to high demand from buyers from around the globe.  Visitors transitioning to buyers is a steady tread indicating people are flocking to our turf in search of owning a piece of Miami.  It’s no wonder.  When you take a look around, it’s easy to see the attraction: our magnificent weather, ever-present greenery of manicured lawns, mature trees and blooming tropical plantings, cerulean waters along our shoreline with impressive architecture silhouetted against our skyline. And let’s not forget why so many of us already live and vacation here.  We’re in love the breadth of restaurant choices, our exciting array of sporting events and our growing art scene (Art Basel can’t come soon enough!). Coupled all of this with the impressive expansion of Miami International Airport, our growing public transit system and our booming cruise industry, Miami draws new residents and visitors from northerners looking for a change of climate to international transports looking for a familiar blend of culture and sophistication.

Now, let’s get back to my point about a positive shift and why buying and selling in south Florida is a great idea right now.  It’s that age old concept of supply and demand, which has taken hold in Miami and the effect is fleeting.  With housing inventories low and plenty of buyers here with one focus–to make a purchase now.  And by the way, this trend is not new to us–it has been a constant for a couple of years now.  And guess what?   There’s no end in sight which is translates to the local real estate prices going up, up up.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a property any time soon, there is no better time than right now.  As prices go up rapidly, it means that some of today’s price points will disappear and redefine new and higher price ranges and greater purchase requirements in every price range.  If you are contemplating selling your real estate now, start packing, especially if your property is in optimal condition.   You can be assured your property will sell quickly and likely for top dollar.  So if you want to list to sell, you need to have your moving plans lined up before you list your property.

Most important, if you would like to discuss a purchase or the selling process while the going is great, let’s talk.  After all, selling real estate is my passion and servicing your real estate needs would be my pleasure.