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Ready, Set . . . Your Clock Ahead One Hour This Sunday March 7th, 2013

This coming Sunday, March 10, 2013, is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, officially at 2:00 am Sunday morning.  So, whatever you’re doing Saturday night, you may want to remember to advance the hour on your clocks before you hit the pillow.  While the initial time change means losing an hour of sleep, all is not lost.  You may feel a bit groggy in the first few days after the time change–not a big deal.  Look at this way:  you will now have longer days with more hours of sunlight to do what you enjoy and finish what you must.

Lighter Has Positives

 So, for instance, if you still haven’t adhered to some of your 2013 new year’s resolutions, here’s some good news.  It’s never too late to start and it’s huge if you finally do make a commitment–or two.  With longer days and more daylight hours, you should feel more energized to get some exercise after work or perhaps some daylight after dinner will allow for a brisk walk.  If you’ve been short of time for family, friends, classes, meetings or even cleaning out the garage–whatever it is, be assured these longer days will give you an added boost to get some extra things done.

Speaking from experience–the shorter days tend to wind down my body clock signaling that it’s time to shut down for the day as darkness sets in just before 6 pm.  So naturally,  I welcome Daylight Savings Time again to really see the light!