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Where Have the Peacocks Gone? July 25th, 2012

The Coconut Grove peacocks are missing!  How could that be, and who would get rid of them and why?  These are the questions on minds of many Groveites recently.  Certainly, this is not a case of the peacocks wandering off on their own to check out another neighborhood to call home.  This is serious news because our brilliantly colored, feathered friends don’t just venture away from home here in the Grove on their own.  It is bothersome to learn that it is estimated that more than 40 of our beloved peacocks have disappeared, and many of my friends and neighbors are wondering, “why?”  During a recent crime watch meeting which was scheduled to gather information to further investigate the missing peacocks, a resident  commented, “It’s kind of eerie for us to come out and not hear them for the majority of us who enjoy their being.”

There is speculation which suggests that a woman in the area has been trying to run them off, even trying to kill them, which for many Grove residents is unimaginable.  While some may find them to be a nuisance, these birds are part of the landscape and it is why living in Coconut Grove is so magical–it’s  peaceful, yet wild,  all at the same time.

Over the course of my career, the peacocks and the natural growth of the magnificent native trees shading the streets of the Grove has had a compelling effect for many buyers who love the random sightings of these beautiful birds, an interesting neighborhood pet of sorts which makes the Grove so special and unique to Miami.  Our peacocks being a wonderful enhancement to that overall appeal, and the presence is being missed already.  If you or someone you know has information about these missing peacocks, please come forward and report what you know.