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Music To Your Ears – A Concert Series to Enjoy September 27th, 2011

When I arrived home from work last Friday night after a long week–plenty of exhaustive stuff, I bypassed my home office and headed straight for my room to lay down and catch the evening news.  As I listened for a few minutes, I began to hear the most amazing music coming from someplace nearby, definitely not within my room nor my house.  So, much to my pleasure, I realized as I walked out on to my balcony, that there was a wonderful concert going on at The Barnacle.  The genre was some kind of “not so rock” Rock and Roll, which simply made for a pleasant evening and a “must do” for the months ahead.

A good vibe for the changing season

As I instantly realized the Fall season is here, the start of good things to enjoy in Coconut Grove and South Florida while living right here at the heart of it all.  The weather will be cooling off and for this reason, The Barnacle will continue to host their concert series in the park the first Friday of the month now through May 2012.  So, if you want to spend a casual evening, hanging out and laying low while experiencing some wonderful tunes, you will definitely want to check this out.